There is nothing wrong with our soil except our interference…..

-Edward Faulker. From the Ploughman’s Folly (1943)

A sincere thank you to Tony Reynolds and the team at Thurlby Grange for a superb and successful member visit.

Since 1975, with no less than 3 generations currently working on the family farm, Thurlby Grange is a superb example of conservation agriculture (no till) at its’ best and we were delighted to visit the 2016 winner of the RASE Excellence in Business & Practical Farming Award.

With a number of other Conservation Agriculture farmers, Tony has formed an Association, CA-UK, to share and promote knowledge and experience in the UK and linking to the European CA Organisations.

Conservation agriculture (CA) can lead to increased soil fertility and productivity, to a more efficient use of water, and to an improved ability to adapt to and mitigate climate change, as well as to a significant reduction in erosion, lower emissions of greenhouse gases and ammonia and the optimal use of agrochemicals.

Members enjoyed an informative introduction by Tony followed by a tour of Thurlby Grange allowing the opportunity to see the benefits of conservation agriculture first hand. At the end of the day Members enjoyed networking over the delightful lunch that was awaiting their return.

If you would like to learn more about the work Tony is involved in you can do so via:

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