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The Royal Agricultural Society of England is an independent charity dedicated to the application of science and technology to optimise agriculture and food resources to ensure a secure global future.

Mission Statement

To promote and improve the science, technology, art and practice of agriculture, forestry, horticulture, kindred activities and the husbandry of livestock and land, and to promote the application of improved methods and processes connected therewith by demonstration and other appropriate means.

Our Five Aims

We encourage and promote technical innovation and communicate practical knowledge of value to farmers.
We foster a vibrant and active membership of the Society that meets the technical and information requirements of the agricultural sector.
We collaborate with others in order to develop and encourage knowledge transfer which is of value to farmers and the farming industry.
We apply good science and best practice to promote sustainability in production agriculture and diversity in the environment.
We provide an independent, impartial voice for agriculture, land management and rural matters.

The Royal Agricultural Society began in 1838 when a group of agricultural enthusiasts came together. They had a vision that science was needed to enable agriculture to meet the demands of a growing population.

To this day that is still the vision of the R.A.S.E. Through our events such as Pig and Poultry, and Grassland and Muck, we strive to communicate innovations of real commercial value to farmers.

As the face of UK agriculture changes, we commit to being a reliable support network that can provide an independent, impartial voice for all UK farmers.